Rhonda Richmond, Ed.D

Bio: Dr. Richmond is a native of Denver, CO. She graduated with a doctorate in Education in 2014. By the summer of 2015, she completed a second master’s degree from the University of Denver in Curriculum and Instruction (endorsed in Special Education and Cultural and Linguistic Diversity). Rhonda obtained her B.A. (2003) in Communications with a minor in Women's Studies and M.A. (2007) in Liberal Studies from the University of Denver. History: In 1999 Dr. Richmond began working with her children who suffered from various learning disabilities in an effort to help them develop the academic skills they needed to succeed in school. As a result of that hard work, her children progressed from below grade level to advanced level course work and eventually became college bound. By the fall of 2007, she enrolled in a doctoral program where she has dedicated all of her coursework to studying learning disabilities for individuals in higher education settings. It was during this time that Dr. Richmond starting painting. With more than 18-years experience in research, academic planning, training development, curriculum design, she has delivered proven results in enhancing individual student skills development for long-term personal and academic success. Current: Dr. Richmond is a self-directed, enthusiastic and persistent individual, committed to increasing the educational experience and academic performance of students with learning differences, women and multicultural learners. As an individual with Learning Disabilities/ Differences (LD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Sensory Issues, she faced many difficulties when trying to use her native language (English) to communicate with the outside world. She spent a great many years of her life pretending to understand what others meant, how others felt, and why others did the things they did. When Dr. Richmond began to paint, many of her language issues changed. She was able to access the world in a way that she never had before. Now, Rhonda describes herself a second language learner who just happened to be taught the second language first. Rhonda's work IS about telling the story, reaching out, learning to learn and using her voice. A special education teacher in Aurora Public Schools, Dr. Richmond still shows her artwork in limited showings around the Denver Metro area.

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