Art Exhibit

Art by Rhonda Richmond Art Exhibit

University of Denver Women’s College From August 3rd – September 30, 2015

Opening reception confirmed for Friday, August 7th, 6:30 – 9:00pm

Attire: Pink (in any way, shape or form)

Accessories: White Gloves (for CWC/TWC Alums and supporters)

Why PINK: I ask that you come in support of Beast Cancer – NOT simply awareness, but in support of a CURE! Some of you may not know that cancer has cost me some amazing friends (2 friends this last November 2014 – one in May of 2013) and it has hurt others that I dearly love (they are battling it or are have battled it). It is a monster. Cancer stole the life of my father in 2002 as well.

WE need to beat this killer! And WE need everyone to do what he or she can to help. If all you own is a pink ribbon and you can bike to this event, please come.  I’m not only asking for donations. I am asking for those who cannot donate to show support via attire. I will be donating the proceeds of one of the paintings to the cause identified by a friend impacted by this disease.  More details on this soon.

Why White Gloves: This exhibit is also important for another reason. CWC – The Colorado Women’s College is in danger of closing. As an alumna, that makes this exhibit very special to my heart. It could be one of the last at this University.

When I first attended CWC (then The Women’s College – TWC), I had escaped an abusive marriage. It was a safe place to learn – to find myself – to grow. I know that some people struggle to understand the value behind an all female university – but the support I received from students and staff helped me to find the courage to rebuild my life. It was a haven of like minds, love, and preparation for other things that were going to happen in my life. I regret to say that I was never able to attend the famous “Hanging of the Greens” – a celebration of every graduate at CWC/TWC. I missed out on a great tradition. However, I can show support for the tradition that has touched so many and the college that sheltered me in my time of need.

I welcome you all out to this showing. Please feel free to bring guests.

Business Opportunity:

If you are a business owner and you would like to create a gift basket – please contact me via LinkedIn email. This is a great way to showcase your business!!!! Gift baskets will be handed out as prizes to participants during the ceremony.  All contributing businesses will be mentioned at that time.

Teach 2 Reach 2 Serve Responsibly!!!

Dr. Rhonda Richmond

Short talks with good friends who have lost their lives to cancer.

Short talks with good friends who have lost their lives to cancer.


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